Outreach & Missions

Jesus Christ? As the greatest lover of humanity the world has ever known, knowing him and making him known is what drives Outreach & Missions. We’re launching new efforts in the months ahead: enhanced communications, building connections, critical thinking, prayer, topical series, local and foreign missions. Come join us!


Community is important to us! We are driven by making connections and caring for one another with Christ as our common thread. EACF believes that fellowship is a critical part of our faith journey, whether it is one-to-one in a coffee shop or the whole congregation at Memorial Day cookout (and everything else in between).

Christian Education & Nursery

It’s hard to hear the words of Jesus in the Bible and not pick up on His love for children. To Him they were so much more than resources and potential hazards around the home – Jesus pointed to them as models of humility for us, reminding us of the responsibility to raise and nurture them well. That is our goal and mission when it comes to our Christian Education & Nursery programs here at EACF. We are committed to safety, growth and fun for the little ones who are entrusted to us.