Welcome to Exeter Area Christian Fellowship

EACF Church Welcome Seacoast NH
EACF has been gathering since September of 1988. Our congregation is made up of people from diverse denominational backgrounds, united in our common love for Jesus Christ. Lay participation in all areas is key to our church life and is particularly visible in our wide array of members who help lead us in worship on a weekly basis.

EACF maintains a unique worship experience in that we have found a great balance consisting of casual, yet reverent worship. Our hope is to always provide a comfortable atmosphere which is welcoming to those who have attended church their whole lives as well as those who are new to a church context and are exploring faith. Weekly, our seats are filled with people at both ends of this spectrum and many in between.

If asked what our strong-suits are, a few thoughts rise to the surface. Although we do not place much emphasis on the way we dress and visitors will not find a lot of religious symbolism in our building, we strive diligently to worship and glorify Jesus Christ every week. This is reflected in the songs that we sing, the prayers that we pray and the Biblical sermons that are preached. Another hallmark of EACF is our emphasis on family. Whether you are single or need a van to arrive at church, EACF embraces the culture of family (Mark 3:33). In other words we are a congregation which sees real value in community and loving one another.

One more notable characteristic of EACF is that we believe strongly in the missionary call of the Church. We take seriously Jesus’ command to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and our response to this imperative is expressed in a variety of different ways. With a healthy focus on internal as well as external discipleship, EACF reaches from deep within its walls, extending outwards through the local communities, through the State, into the greater region and ultimately into the global community. For a small church our mission field is extensive.